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I'm back on the radio. Every Tuesday afternoon, I'm joined by hilarious comedian Alex Ward and Avi the button monkey to help Melburnians with their difficult transition from work to home.

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Jurassic World

Jurassic World
People seem not to understand Jurassic World. Some have complained that it is whining about product placement, while simultaneously indulging in the most ludicrous product placement of all time (squeaky clean new SUVs look just as out of place in the jungle as they do in a zombie apocalypse). Others have said that it is light on frights and the blood is unconvincing, while reflecting that the movie feels like a family-friendly ride at the theme park it depicts. What nobody seems to notice, is that it is an homage, or at times parody, of sequels themselves - not just a continuation of, and love letter to, Spielberg's 1993 original.
There are so many self-aware sequel references, I don't quite understand how everybody has missed them. First, there is the gigantic carnivorous macguffin, the Indominus Rex, explicitly discussed in terms of sequels - that it needs to be bigger, scarier, with more teeth.

Mr Harbour City Bear

On Saturday night, after the final #FGT at the Sydney Comedy Festival, I ran around the corner to The Imperial, to present the sash to the winner of Mr Harbour City Bear for 2015. 

Untitled Superman Fan Fiction

Once again, I completely misread the brief for FanFiction Comedy. I've been a guest in this NZ-originated show for nearly five years now, so you think I'd remember the 'comedy' part of the title, instead of writing mournful, soul-searching stories about my favourite characters. Anyway, there were a couple of laughs in there, more than I was expecting to be honest. This is an idea I've had for about a bazillion years. If I had the time, I'd explore it properly, rather than just jumping out where I do. Hope you like it.
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