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Mamma's been to the movies - for work.

Hello Chickens,

I have been a little bit nutty for the Twitter, as you may be able to tell, and I have been writing my Adealide show, and writing for another project that I can't really discuss here, but it is very exciting indeed.

I'm not going to tell you to donate to the bushfire appeal, that can be on your conscience, and you don't need people shoving that message down your throat on every portal you turn to. (Like Drew Barrymore with rejection in He's Just Not That Into You - btw, all the Drew bits are in the trailer).

I saw HJNTIY and interviewed Justin Long and Ginifer Goodwin, which you can find at the 9am website (if you can be bothered navigating through the bizarre video filing system they have, eventually you will find a video of me on there somewhere).

I didn't love the movie (yes, I lied to the stars - shocking!) I liked the Jennifer Connolly bits, although she did seem to be playing two characters, at home she was a romance-deprived controlling fishwife, but at work she was all fun and silliness. Jennifer Aniston was just playing herself, plausibly in love with marriage-phobic Ben Affleck, but the rest of the time she seemed to be looking down on her co-stars, especially in her family and office scenes, as if to say "Don't you know who I am? I used to be married to Brad Pitt!" Her hair is also too blonde and too long for her harried head, which is showing the distinct signs of ageing.

I also saw Watchmen and spoke to stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Malin Ackerman - more on that closer to release.

Don't forget I'm in Adelaide from 28th Feb until 8th March, swing by! Cheap midweek shows!

Cheers and Chookas


Twitter Nonsense

Hello Chickens,

If you've missed my twitter nonsense, here is an update (i am only going to do this once - if you want, follow @adamrichard on twitter):

 the fire coverage is wearing me down. as is the rihanna/chris brown coverage. where are my cute puppy stories?
8:30 AM yesterday from web 

   SYTYCD why does grant denyer have a faux-hawk?
11:54 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   SYTYCD poor penny - she had no idea who goldie hawn was
11:45 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   SYTYCD why are Anthony Callea and Simone Callahan née Warne dancing to Titanic?
11:40 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   Lego batman must collect all studs!
6:51 PM Feb 14th from TwitterFon 

   there is ash on my car
5:03 PM Feb 13th from web 

   waiting for a train to debauchery - sky smells like charred dreams
9:54 PM Feb 12th from TwitterFon 

   just watching joaquin phoenix on letterman on youtube. i love dave. he is the god of hilarity.
9:14 AM Feb 12th from web 

   mamma has the tiredness - nigh nighs time - watchmen screening exhausted her - spending valentines day with denny duquette
11:35 PM Feb 11th from TwitterFon 

tragic victim of mad cow disease
10:57 AM Feb 11th from TwitterFon 

   my tooth hurts
8:41 AM Feb 11th from web 

   stuffing my face with licorice, terrified of downstairs consequences, but i can't stop!
10:05 PM Feb 9th from web 

   mamma is grumpy. her airport keeps forgetting how do to internet
9:29 PM Feb 9th from web 

   shopping for shoes with Corinne - i'm glad I'm not a girl - I would wear nothing but stripper boots - fringing is back apparently
5:53 PM Feb 9th from TwitterFon 

   I can't twitter without hearing my mother: "I always said you were a twit"
10:04 PM Feb 8th from TwitterFon 

   love having followers - I'm so baltar right now
5:44 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   I'm using twitterrific on my iPhone - it's fun but I can't see my followers
5:44 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   about to go on telly 9am with David and kim - I will be twittering on air
1:03 PM Feb 8th from twitterrific 

   i forgot to set my alarm! now i have to have coffee on an iv.
8:30 AM Feb 8th from web

 i've blogged that i'm twittering. is that technically talking to myself?
11:42 PM Feb 7th from web 
i can't choose a background. is the big red leaf too gay or too canadian?
10:54 PM Feb 7th from web 
signing up to twitter
10:29 PM Feb 7th from web

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