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Untitled Erotic Fan Fiction


I wrote this for the Erotic Fan Fiction event at Sydney's Giant Dwarf Theatre on February 16, 2017. Also performing that night were the wonderful Jo Thornely (who imagined a Scientology tryst between two of the highest, but not tallest, members of the organisation), the delightful Rowdie Walden (who shipped a pair of white-clad newsreaders fighting over a jacket), the magnificent Tracey Spicer (who introduced us to the concept of a bizarre conservative Q club key party - all while snapping the air with a bullwhip!) and our genial host, Eddie Sharp, who, dressed as Enya's vagina, took us on a whimsical journey of filthy Irish cliches.

New Year Old Resolutions

New Year's Resolution: No More Resolutions.

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Get Christmas In Your Ears

Xmas Ears

Wishing you a fun holiday from Santa's side boob.


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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Review)


It seems ironic to have the word ‘Dawn’ in the title of Zack Snyder’s latest superhero epic, given how little light there is the film, both figuratively and literally. There is a lot of moping about, and a perpetual vibe of ‘oh no, this is the end of the world,’ as if Snyder is cribbing from his Dawn of the Dead remake (there’s that word again, dawn, implying a source of light that is tragically absent from any of Snyder’s auteuristic affectations).

Newspaper Trolls

It’s a pretty old story, the one where someone in the performing arts takes exception to the critical content of a review. Those of us in the business of ‘show’ have seen it one too many times. More often than not, the vitriol is reserved for a gaggle of like-minded compatriots, or a paying audience already enamoured with the critiqued party. In this new age of instant communication with the world, the right of reply can be fired off while the subject is still in the midst of a white-hot fury, eyeballs boiling as steam shoots from the ears.
It happened this weekend to Lawrence Mooney, someone I’ve known for nearly 20 years. Someone I competed against in the Raw Comedy national final in 1997. To be honest, I didn’t think the review in question should have elicited such ire. It was 3 stars, better than two, or the dreaded single star (or the ignominious zero).
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