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Helluloid in the Sky!

Given my obsession with 'helluloid,' my term for truly awful cinema, I am well aware of the need for bad movies. It is, after all, the bad movies that make the good movies good. Unfortunately, in between the deliriously spectacular failures and the sublime successes, there are the just plain dull. For reasons I cannot begin to unravel, these masterpieces of bland, 'dulluloid' if you prefer, all have their premiere at 30,000 feet.

the boat that rocked

hey kids,

check out mamma chatting with bill nighy and nick frost (unsavoury flirting with frosty has been excised by sensible editors...)

naughty behaviour on-air this morning

okay, things went a bit pear-shaped at 8:30am on fox fm this morning. i call it "wheels fall off friday." troy ellis is reading out the free fuel friday details, while i am doing a naughty mime for michala banas. matt tilley calls attention to the shenanigans...

Adventures in Adelaide Part II

Hello Chickens,

So, I did my show in the historic Queens Theatre in Adelaide, which was down the stabby end of Hindley Street. Hindley Street is the nightclub/stripperbar end of of Adelaide.










Then there is Rundle Mall, which is the shopping precinct, where DJ's and Myer etc are - that is the extension of Hindley Street.

Then there is Rundle Street, where all the restaurants and cafés are - which is just the extension of Rundle Mall/Hindley St. Look, there is more to Adelaide than the one big street, but you'd never know that if you didn't know where to look.

The Queens Theatre was built in 1840 and is apparently the oldest theatre on the mainland. It was only a theatre for a year, until the Adelaide Financial Crisis (oh yeah, that craps been going on forever) when everyone left for Bendigo and the gold rush. It's mostly been used as a carpark. First for horses, and then for motor cars. Now it's a Fringe venue. It's old and dusty and really atmospheric. I thought it was apt that I was doing a show about being unable to drive, in a car park, overshadowed by one of Adealide's many multi-level carparks in Playhouse Lane. (I've said it before, and I will keep saying it, not the city of churches, it's the city of multi-level car parks).

 More adventures in Adelaide soon, sorry about the shitty layout. I use a really dodgy interface to update my blog. Apparently I'm moving across to something called Drupal soon. (Which sounds like my sex drive after several pints).



Adventures in Adelaide

Hello Chickens,

Mamma had quite a fun time in Adelaide. As well as my show, Driven, at the Queen's Theatre, I did spend an inordinate amount of time at the Rhino Room doing the many permutations of their weekend late show, and a guest appearance at Nick Coppin's Shaggers.

Rhino Room

Given that the show was on at 11pm, Claire Hooper was there freakishly early!

Later that night, backstage, I got mooned by Mickey D. Pity I was a bit slow on the old Canon, all I got was undies up and pants on their way.

Backstage - Wil Anderson, Tom Gleeson and Justin Hamilton.

Adam Richard - Driven

8 Shows Only!
Feb 28 - Mar 8
Fringe Factory @ Queens Theatre
Adelaide Fringe

Tickets here or 1300 FRINGE

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