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Things that sound weird out of context

I swear I didn't do anything with Peter Andre 

new "the prisoner" trailer

Helluloid in the Sky!

Given my obsession with 'helluloid,' my term for truly awful cinema, I am well aware of the need for bad movies. It is, after all, the bad movies that make the good movies good. Unfortunately, in between the deliriously spectacular failures and the sublime successes, there are the just plain dull. For reasons I cannot begin to unravel, these masterpieces of bland, 'dulluloid' if you prefer, all have their premiere at 30,000 feet.

the boat that rocked

hey kids,

check out mamma chatting with bill nighy and nick frost (unsavoury flirting with frosty has been excised by sensible editors...)

naughty behaviour on-air this morning

okay, things went a bit pear-shaped at 8:30am on fox fm this morning. i call it "wheels fall off friday." troy ellis is reading out the free fuel friday details, while i am doing a naughty mime for michala banas. matt tilley calls attention to the shenanigans...

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