The Fabulous Adam Richard

Bed Post

Morning Chickens!

Mamma is in bed posting from her phone. Some mornings it's too hard to get up, especially if I don't have to! I'm awake, but I'm damned if I'm getting out of bed!

Okay - just testing the posting interface on my phone. Have a fab weekend! -ad/.

M&J Show Gossip!

LOLcats video

I call this video "I don't want you looking at porn since you cut out my sexy bits."

M&J Show Gossip!


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Is Dancing with the Stars trying to cash in on Michael Jackson’s tragic passing? Idol Judge bingo – who’s in, who’s out and who’s moved on to bigger and better things? Which Aussie collapsed on stage in London, twice? Who's the highest paid star on tv in the USA and about to face the axe?

M&J Show Gossip!

Is Lady Gaga more man than lady? Who's been breathing in fake tan and started believing their own hype? I might know who the new Australian Idol judge is, and I'm not the only one.

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