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Friday Fun!

Stop working, it's been a long week, we all need some hilarity. Start the weekend with Gwen Verdon, Bonnie Tyler and Gary Coleman.

M&J Show Gossip!

Which big name star may be quitting Hollywood due to his debilitating panic attacks? Who’s the new judge on Australian Idol? Grey’s Anatomy sex tape scandal! Who’s in it and how many of them? Who is the 31 year old male celebrity unashamedly cyber-bullying a 15 year old school girl.


M&J Show Gossip!

The celebrity mother of three sprung on video taking drugs and the hollywood star who says he’s sworn off them because of his kids.Australian Idol might not be the only show searching for a Judge, So You Think You Can Dance might be facing the same problems, plus – which young married celebrity couple with a new baby are already on the rocks?

Bed Post

Morning Chickens!

Mamma is in bed posting from her phone. Some mornings it's too hard to get up, especially if I don't have to! I'm awake, but I'm damned if I'm getting out of bed!

Okay - just testing the posting interface on my phone. Have a fab weekend! -ad/.

M&J Show Gossip!

LOLcats video

I call this video "I don't want you looking at porn since you cut out my sexy bits."

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