The Fabulous Adam Richard

Full interview with Casey Barnes, Australian Idol reject

I caught up with the Casey Barnes, rejected from Idol.

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Full interview with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison from Glee

I caught up with the stars of Glee, the delightful Jane Lynch and the gorgeous Matthew Morrison.

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Matt and Jo Show Gossip

Why did Rove leave his show's 10th birthday celebrations with a bad taste in his mouth? Who's spent the last 90 days in alcoholics not-so-anonymous? Plus, I caught up with the stars of Glee, Matthew Morrison and the divine Jane Lynch, as well as Idol reject Casey Barnes.

PodCARst IV - Madonna

The Fabulous Adam Richard provides bite-sized bursts of lunacy from inside his battered old Corolla, Mavis.

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9am with David and Kim

Hello Chickens,

It is with some regret that I have come to the decision that I can no longer continue in my role presenting celebrity gossip on the Network Ten morning program, 9am with David and Kim.

I have enjoyed my time with the program, having been part of it since it began in January 2006. My role was severely reduced in June this year, due to budget constraints, and the experience has not really been as enjoyable ever since.

Welcome to the Fabulounge

Hello Chickens!

It's here - the all-new, all-fabulous Fabulounge featuring The Fablog, the PodCARst and all other sorts of lunacy! Check out my FabTweets here on the left, my upcoming gigs etc on the right and all other kinds of fun and frivolity.




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