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The Procrastinator

I have a deadline, so of course I am blogging. I have also contemplated buying a 5.1 receiver for my bedroom, because the one in there currently is dropping channels intermittently (it's very old, pre-hdmi). I have been watching The West Wing on DVD from go to whoa, which isn't even in 5.1, so I don't know why the buggy amp is bugging me so much, but it is. I have given serious thought to scrubbing out the grouting in my shower recess.

Flat Bread Obssession

I can't stop pushing flat bread into my face. I don't know what it is, they are all so delicious. Last night, for dinner, I made souvlaki* with yummy souva pita bread, and on Monday I had some sort of chicken and refried bean thing inside tortillas. Having all this flat bread around is probably not a good idea. As a snacky treat late last night, I spread a tortilla with peanut butter, and chowed down on it like there was no tomorrow.

Name That Muscle

I've never been much for anatomy, and felt all at sea when the alleged Beauties on 'Beauty and the Geek' were painting internal body parts on barely-dressed men. I used to be all across the radius, the ulna and the femur, when I was a geeky year 8 kid, but all of that has left me now. One thing I don't know the name of is the spew muscle. You know when you've had a good hard go at it, when all and sundry are flowing through your mouth and nostrils, the next day there is an ache in your chest.

The Collaborator

Collaboration is a peculiar process. Sometimes it is an arcane and dangerous art that produces something that no single collaborator could produce on their own.



I love RL - she is truly awesome, so I love the opportunity to interview her, because it's just like gasbagging with a girlfriend, but then I also have to do my job and get goss out of her...

How do you think I went?

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Picture: Angelo Soulas
Source: The Sunday Telegraph

Friday Fun!


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