The Fabulous Adam Richard

Untitled Erotic Fan Fiction


I wrote this for the Erotic Fan Fiction event at Sydney's Giant Dwarf Theatre on February 16, 2017. Also performing that night were the wonderful Jo Thornely (who imagined a Scientology tryst between two of the highest, but not tallest, members of the organisation), the delightful Rowdie Walden (who shipped a pair of white-clad newsreaders fighting over a jacket), the magnificent Tracey Spicer (who introduced us to the concept of a bizarre conservative Q club key party - all while snapping the air with a bullwhip!) and our genial host, Eddie Sharp, who, dressed as Enya's vagina, took us on a whimsical journey of filthy Irish cliches.

New Year Old Resolutions

New Year's Resolution: No More Resolutions.

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