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Green Guide 21 Jan 2010

This week's Green Guide column from The Age (Melbourne).

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Green Guide 14 Jan 2010

I am doing some work for The Age (Melbourne) in their Green Guide TV section, looking back on the week in television.

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Breakfast in Perth

Hello Chickens!
For the last few years I have been a part of the team at Mix 94.5 doing Aussie gossip every Friday on The Bunch breakfast show, and before that, movie reviews on The Big Couch drive show. Starting this week, I will be moving up the dial a smidge, to 92.9 and their all-new breakfast show Lisa, Baz and Sam.

Green Guide 7 Jan 2010

I am doing some work for The Age in their Green Guide TV section, looking back on the week in television.

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In lieu of a blog entry, I have decided to paste in some short fiction I wrote over ten years ago, before I became a standup comedian. This first piece was inspired by a friend who I caught up with this weekend at a 20 year school reunion. (Yes, mamma is an old girl now!)

We had the most insane relationship, full of laughter, and now that all of the water has flowed under the bridge, I hope we can have that kind of friendship again.

This piece is very heavy, so don't go reading it if you are having an emo moment and there are sharp objects nearby.

Distant Laughter

This is a story I wrote in 1996 while enrolled in the Professional Writing and Editing course at RMIT. It was one of the winners of the Outrage Magazine Short Story Competition in 1996 in the category "Best Short Story by a writer under 25." It deals with themes of loss and grief, and the effect they have on our perception of time, which appear frequently in my work.

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