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FebFast Day Two


Day Two of FebFast

After eating a Leftover Lamb Souvlaki (recipe below) I have a greasy garlicky, lamby taste in my mouth, and would love nothing more than to wash it down with a cold, fizzy Melbourne Bitter. There is none in the house, but I am sober enough to drive to the bottle shop! Oh the irony!

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FebFast Day One


Hello Chickens,

My sister has set up a team on the FebFast website, where you pledge to give up booze for a month, and in turn raise money for charity. (The charities are all drug and alcohol related, obviously). Having had quite a bender this weekend just gone, Michelle's plea struck a chord, and I have duly signed up.

As an additional pledge, I am going to donate the amount of money I would have spent on my "I got hammered and left my car at the gig" cab fare.

Green Guide 28 Jan 2010

This is the last of my columns for the tv guide in The Age (Melbourne).

Copy follows.


Dave Grant

In comedy, timing is everything, and Dave Grant taught timing.

As an MC, you prayed for Dave Grant to be your headline act, because you knew that no matter how dire the gig was, no matter how many infuriatingly incompetent tryouts were stinking up the first two brackets, you were going to bring on the most consistently hilarious headline act any audience has ever seen.

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