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Tickets on sale for #FGT MICF2015 at The Imperial


Imperial Hotel
Cnr Spring & Bourke
March 25 - April 19
(Mondays I'm at The Shelf)
Bookings at


Brisbane #Gaypocalypse

Zombies are coming. To Brisbane. And they're fabulous.

My TV Sister

I think of Ella Hooper as my TV sister. She has a new album out this week, her first solo venture, and it would be great if you bought a copy. She is such a prodigious talent, and an absolutely delightful human being. The album is called In Tongues and features the singles Haxan, Low High and The Red Shoes. It has been getting a lot of airplay on ABC digital station Double J, and nobody deserves more success than my beautiful TV sister, the radiant Ella Hooper.



Podcast Mania


I have been a guest on just about every podcast in town lately, as well as producing new podcasts for The Shelf and Talking Poofy.

I Love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders
Episode 143: This was a live podcast starring Steele Saunders with guests Anne Edmonds and Karl Woodberry. Things started bad and got worse.

The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy & Karl
pisode 211: Tom Gleeson and I joined Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler for a rather demented chat about dirty jeans and other messes.

Back at Breakfast

The dreaded 4am alarm is back in my life this week. I'm in Hobart filling in for Paul Hogan on Sea FM with Woody (Esther Woodhams) and Lisa Gormley. You can hear podcasts of the show at their website and on iTunes, but unfortunately none of the SCA stations outside of the capital cities are streaming at the moment over an issue with music rights and royalties.

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