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A Day in the Life (Part 3)

Tuesday 19/10 Work at 6am, then off to the Australian Diamond Company. I'm recording our Ready, Steady Wedding couples getting a ring. Midday I have to see The Forgotten to prep for an interview with the sublimely talented Julianne Moore. Also have to reschedule a gig to make way for an interview with Hilary Duff next Tuesday. At 6pm I have to rock up at 7 studios to watch Dancing With the Stars.

Wednesday 20/10 Work at 6am. Movie screening at 10:30am for weekend reviews. ADC unveiling at 6pm. Wagamama opening at 7pm.

And it goes like that every day! I have to go to Idol on Sunday in Sydney. Can my life be any more insane?

be good
break whatever you want

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Looking for more celebrity goss than you can poke a browser at? Head over to and click on the Matt, Jo and Benno page. Down on the left, under a picture of me and my fab-e-mail, there's an update from the fabulounge. All the goss that is unfit to print.


Back in the clubs

I'm heading back out at night-time during July. This, completely in spite of the fact that I'm now working 5 mornings a week on 101.9 Fox FM's Matt, Jo and Benno breakfast show. Check out the gig guide for all the details.

Also, if you missed Adam Richard BITCH during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, it will be returning for a strictly limited one week season at Tony Starr's Kitten Club at the end of August.



I don't think anyone said it better than Madonna - Holiday; Celebrate!. I'm off for two weeks, starting with the Queens' Birthday weekend (it's like the Horses' Birthday - we all have our birthday that day). I'll be out on the town in Melbourne that weekend, then it's off to Alice Springs! I'm popping off to see Fiona O'Loughlin in her natural habitat (no, not Liquorland - that's just mean).

I'll be back at the end of June for the Southern Hibernation Opening Party and you'll be able to hear me from Monday 28th June on 101.9 Fox FM Melbourne (Matt, Jo and Benno - weekday mornings from 6-9am) 107.1 SA.FM Adelaide (with Milly and Lehmo - Monday mornings after 8am) and 92.9fm Perth (The Show - Mon/Wed/Fri 4-6pm).

Seeya soon!

MWAH! big air kisses


May Means Eurovision

The comedy festival is a done deal, so now it's time for the world's greatest song festival. Eurovision is upon us in a scant few weeks. The entries this year are breathtaking in their simplicity and side-aching in their hilarity.
You can check out all the entries online, or you can order the Eurovision cd. This year it is on over two big nights. My eyes are watering with expectation. My house turns into a Eurovision mini-festival, we bet on the winners, we mock the costumes, we applaud the obligatory key change, we mock the costumes, we laugh at the 'nul points' countries, and we mock the costumes. If you are listening to 101.9 Fox FM you can hear eurovision entries during my segment right up until the 15th May.

Viva la Vision!


Adam Richard - Bitch

Well the comedy festival starts tonight. Hope you have all girded your loins for the onslaught. Show details are on the comedy page, but if you need the booking number here it is:
Ticketmaster7 1300 66 0013.
Or you can get tix at the door. It's $14 for this preview weekend, and every tuesday, and $20 for the rest of the festival.
If you want a discount voucher, email and you'll get in for twelve bucks! (avail tue-thu only)

seeya at the show

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