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presser for horrible bosses

Okay, so I went to the movies yesterday. Took my little sister, it was her birthday. Thought I'd give her the whole red carpet premiere experience, where we would rub shoulders with Jason Bateman.

Square Eyes - Renovate the Cast

Beige Moar The RenovatorsCasting. It’s the most important thing in television. It’s why we love Masterchef and hate The Renovators. It’s why we’ll watch The Block but not Top Design. I think I know why The Renovators is so shitful. It’s a really slick, glossy show. Big sets, sweeping crane shots, huge set-pieces and actual renovations.

Thorpey's Mum

We get all the big interviews at The Fox. Jo Stanley and Dave Thornton this morning had a natter to Thorpedo's mum, Margaret, to see just what the press conference today is about.

Oprah loves a bridge

Never has someone given such full-throated passion to the word 'bridge.'
Not since that lady who sings the Nanny theme belted out the word 'tan.'

Scott Brennan Makes Me Laugh

Here's proof. You can hear me cackling in the bg. (That's TV talk for background).

Be on TV!

This was posted to Facebook. I'd love to see you there!


Fabulous new TV Show Needs Fabulous Volunteers

Princess Pictures needs a volunteer crowd of fabulous people for the TV series Outland.

The volunteers will appear in crowd scenes of a Gay Pride event.

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