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Outland Sneak Peek - Sydney


John Richards and I attended a sneak peek of Outland (Episodes 1 & 2) at the ABC Centre in Ultimo, Sydney last night. ABC Executive Producer Debbie Lee was also in attendance and introduced us. It was a surreal experience hearing people laugh out loud at our long-gestating tv show. We even got our first review!

The gays can be harsh critics, but like twelve year old girls, if they don't hate it, then they LOVE it. No in-between!

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I've been doing hacktoring again. If you haven't seen the rest of the series, this episode may make no sense...



I'm posting dirt stories now.
It's not enough to present them on-air, now I am forcing myself onto website.



I love Ricki-Lee

From The Sunday Age (Sun 9th Oct 2011)


1. Have you ever come face to face with a celebrity after you talked about them on air?
All the time. Once, Nicky Whelan — who had worn some horrific creation to the Logies — saw me the next morning and exclaimed; “I heard What you said about me on the radio," which was odd because said it to her face on the red carpet and it was the audio of that interview that had been on the radio. Maybe her vile frock was so loud, she couldn’t hear me over it.

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