Too Many Shows

I did five shows on Saturday. Somebody needs to teach me how to say no.
Started at 3pm with The Shelf podcast show, which was a crossover with The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy Dassalo & Karl Chandler - so much fun. It really was the perfect blend of the two shows, the right mix of stupid stories, name dropping, *CLANG* and riotous laughter. Sunday it was more old school Shelf, with Justin, Tegan Higginbotham and I.
Next, I had to RUN (actually run, my phone's fitness tracker reported my activity yesterday as 54 minutes walking, 2 minutes running!) to Meshel Laurie Talks Funny at the Town Hall. Meshel talked to Wil Anderson, Dave Hughes  and myself about what it was like 20 years ago when we were starting out. It was, of course, hilariously funny, but there were some oddly poignant moments, and even I got some insights into these people I've known for most of my adult, professional life. This is a great show, and you should check out Meshel's other efforts throughout the festival.
I was meant to be on at 5 for 5 at 5 at The Imperial last night, but thankfully Karl Chandler was on hand to take my spot. I did make it to the show, for the last 20 minutes, but just to watch. It's a fun and very cheap gig.
8pm was the first Saturday night ‪#‎FGT‬ and the audience in were magnificent. The show really seems to have found its feet. I feel really comfortable wandering off to unrelated anecdotes, and coming back to what I've prepared, and I'm really enjoying performing it. I even left a whole chunk out last night! I checked my watch near the end, thinking I was short changing the wonderfully supportive Saturday crowd, thinking some padding and backtracking might be in order, only to discover I was about to go over my allotted time! There is a particularly naughty act that has garnered the ire of the comedy fraternity by going more than 20 minutes beyond their allocated slot, so I was relieved I didn't drift into that dangerous territory.
10:15pm I was the intrusive tech again for Justin Hamilton and his Can You Take This Photo Please? podcast, featuring guests Cal Wilson and the aforementioned Wil Anderson (three of the five gigs I did yesterday were with Wil. Lucky I like him). Then I capped off the night headlining Comedy at The Imperial Late Night show, MC'd by Liam Ryan, featuring guests Wil Anderson, Justin Hamilton, Geraldine Hickey and Simon Cumming (who is appearing before me at The Imperial in 3 Little Gigs).
Sunday was a bit more relaxed. #FGT really sang on Sunday night. Another great and really appreciative crowd. Weirdly, this show has been the easiest show I've ever put together (and I have abandoned about 20-30 minutes of material as it moved from trial, through preview to full-price shows). 
I've also seen a couple of shows that I really enjoyed, but more about that in another post.