Craziness at the Imperial

Comedy at The Imperial has been MADNESS. Yesterday was insane, and that was just me. First off I did a spot at the 5 for 5 at 5 showcase (five comedians for five bucks at 5pm - it is the BEST value show in the festival). Kelly Fastuca and Tommy Dassalo were also on the bill - you really never know who is going to be on.
Then I did ‪#‎FGT‬ at 8pm (tickets available on the door as well as through which was a delight - audiences have been lovely so far, so if you're coming, don't ruin all their good work by being a dickhead.
At 10:15pm I was the most intrusive tech of all time in Justin Hamilton's illicit recording of Can You Take This Photo Please? podcast. His guests were Geraldine Hickey and Wil Anderson. Such a fun show. Check out the Tony Martin episode from Thursday if you don't believe me. That's online now.
Then at 11:15pm, I hosted the Late Show at the Imperial. There are crazy lineups every night, and last night was no exception. I got to introduce 5 incredible comics - new favourites Michael Hing and Luisa Omielan as well as Sarah Bennetto, who I've known since before she went overseas to become a UK sensation, so she can hardly be called a new favourite, and there were also two old hacks who I've known for a million years - Justin 'Hammo' Hamilton (I like to think of him as the Lance 'Buddy' Franklin of comedy) and Ando Comedy Commando, Wil Anderson. Yep, that was the lineup of the late show. That's restaurant quality, that is. It's like that every night! You should totally be at the Imperial this festival. It's where the fun is.
Today I'm doing about 43 shows there as well, including the Shelf Podcast, #FGT and CYTTPP, so pop on down. I may or may not have a NBD booked in for Easter...