#FGT Previews

Right. So the first preview of #FGT was pretty much awesome fun. 
I have relented on my intro music. I was trying to be all arty, and whimsical and play music with no lyrics (because I have to talk over it to introduce myself, so it seems rude to have someone singing at that point), but then I realised that given the subject matter of the show, there was only one song that was appropriate. It is horribly obvious, but I play it again at the end, and after everybody has left, I dance around the empty seats for five minutes before the next show bumps in. It's much more fun than sitting backstage looking off into the middle distance.
Last night, a new anecdote popped into my head right at the moment I needed it, which is both amazing and annoying all at the same time. Most of my work happens in what I call "the back office;" my subconscious. I can write and write and write, and trial material all over town, but sometimes the glue in the show doesn't make itself apparent until you actually DO the show. 
Was a pretty good preview for me, I only had to wander over to "notes corner" three or four times. (Honestly, I have done previews where I spent most of my time looking at my running sheet). I'm really excited about this show. It's like a wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed, a hell of a lot of blue.
Second preview is tonight at 8pm upstairs at The Imperial​. Only $20 then full-price shows from Tomorrow (Friday) onward. (Except Tight Arse Tuesdays, obviously). Tickets are available at comedyfestival.com.au or at the door. If you're in Sydney, the show will be at the Enmore Theatre​ for 3 nights only May 7-9 Tickets from Ticketek.
If you're wondering, this was going to be my intro music, before a pop tsunami washed over me. (I'm still playing this as house music as you wander in).