Spicks and Specks Episode 10

More international comedy guests! This week we have superstar Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges and the always divine David O'Doherty from Ireland. Musical guests this week are Bluejuice frontman Jake Stone and the Concertmaster of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Wilma Smith. Also joining us is the rambunctious Melbourne Ska Orchestra, who were spectacular fun and took over the entire studio with their enthusiastic closing number. 

This was another outrageously fun show. I have adored David for a really long time, and he was just as magnificent as I dared hope. Wilma was a guest on one of our pilot episdoes, and it was great to get her in for a real one. She brings with her such sophistication and gravitas, as well as being absolutely delightful. Ella had her hands full with Jake Stone, who, as the lead singer of Bluejuice, is an outrageously eccentric performer. He's also a Triple J presenter and music journalist, and has an endless supply of energy. Kevin Bridges, on the other hand, was a little more laid back. He is one of the biggest stars on the UK stand-up scene, and it was a pleasure to welcome him to our fun little show.

Not that the show seemed very little once the Melbourne Ska Orchestra took to the stage. They are an enormous outfit, and they invaded the studio with boisterous charm. They played the songs for Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma for us, and provided us with a rollicking closing number.

Not only were the hallways full of the Ska orchestra, but Time of Our Lives was also filming in one of the studios, so Shane Jacobsen and Stephen Curry and the like could be seen wandering the corridors as well. Having watched a lot of special features on Doctor Who DVDs, I've heard a lot of stories about BBC Television Centre in the 70s and 80s, where heaps of big shows were being produced concurrently, and it was nice to feel like that is still happening today. I even get excited that I can see the Micallef Tonight neon sign above Josh's head behind the Spicks and Specks screen, knowing that Shaun and his team have been in there earlier in the week, weaving their magic for Mad as Hell. Then there is the manic ABC3 studio just down the hallway, and we often see their presenters ducking in and out. Even after all these years, the ABC studios in Ripponlea are still a hive of activity. I feel so proud to be a part of that legacy.