Spicks and Specks Episode 7

I was in stitches during this episode. My team featured adorable country singer Ashleigh Dallas and one of this country's smartest comedians, Tom Ballard. Ella was joined by perennial favourite Dave O'Neil and Peter Oxley, from Dave's favourite band of all time, The Sunnyboys.

Ashleigh Dallas won the Golden Guitar for best new talent this year, and she's not just a great singer and violnist (or fiddler as she calls it, but that just makes me snigger), she is also absolutely hilarious. Not entirely intentionally either. Tom Ballard, who has one of the sharpest minds in comedy, was completely blindsided by some of the illogical logic Ashleigh was using to answer questions during a game of Sir Mix and Match a Lot. Ashleigh is just adorable, I dare you not to fall in love with her! I have been listening to her album, Dancing With a Ghost, quite a bit because, like the woman herself, it is sweet and leaves you smiling.

Dave O'Neil (no stranger to Spicks and Specks, nearing his 50th appearance) was in teenage rock heaven, meeting one of his idols, Peter Oxley from The Sunnyboys. It was so exciting to meet a legend of 80s rock, especially after having watched the inspirational and heartbreaking documentary The Sunnyboy about Peter's fractious relationship with his bandmate and brother, the prodigiously talented, but troubled, Jeremy Oxley. It is a fascinating film, and if you have any interest in Aussie rock, it is essential viewing.

We are also joined this week by Alana Conway, a harpist who will mesmerise you with her plucking. Yes, I said plucking.