Spicks and Specks Episode 6

This week we have one of my absolute comedy idols, and a frequent guest at The Shelf, the hysterical Tony Martin is on my team. We're joined by Kate Miller-Heidke, who is about to release her crowd-funded album O, Vertigo. I've heard an advance copy, and it is brilliant. Great pop, with those unmistakable acrobatic vocals. There are some fascinating collaborations on this album as well, including Megan Washington and Drapht. A particular highlight for me was Share Your Air featuring Passenger. 

Ella has ARIA winning oud player Joseph Tawadros and one of my favourite comedians, and another frequent Shelver, Celia Pacquola.

We usually record two episodes back-to-back, and this was the second episode at our last recording. It is, in fact, the most recent episode we have recorded, so the turn-around on this edit would have been very tight. Things breezed by very quickly, and apart from some shenanigans with the Spicks and Specks refrigerator, it was one of the rare times the show could have gone out live. It reminded me very much of an episode I did back in season 3, where Hamish Blake and I were the guest comedians, and the musical guests were Dave Williams from Augie March and Lyndsay Hammond from Cheetah. It trundled along effortlessly and was a heap of fun, and everybody in the production said that it wouldn't need much tinkering at all.

You'll see one of our brand new games tonight: View From a Fridge. It involves a fridge and magnets, and a lot of shouting. If you can imagine Deal or No Deal with a fridge instead of a briefcase, and... actually, that is a stupid analogy. It's more like the showcase playoff on Price is Right. With magnets. Anyway, it's new! Hope you enjoy it.

I was so excited to be working with both Tony and Celia on this episode. I've loved Tony's work for a very long time, and working with him recently at The Shelf has been sheer joy. Celia is one of the best stand-up comedians working today, and if you haven't seen her yet, you simply must. Not only does she present some wickedly astute observations, while also making you cry with laughter, but her smile is heavenly. She can actually light up a room with it. Like Unlce Fester in the Addam's Family.

Joseph is a very bad boy, it would seem, as evidenced by a naughty anecdote that Kate brought to the show, about his attempts to pick up one of her friends at a music festival they were both performing at. Joseph's jazz and world music albums are hypnotic and I thoroughly enjoyed discovering his unique talents.