Spicks and Specks Episode 4

This week Josh, Ella and I are joined by Dave O'Neil, who has been on the show more than any of us, South African born and now New Zealand based comedian Urzila Carlson, entertainment journalist Nadia Salemme, and legend of Aussie Rock, Sean Kelly from The Models. Also featured on the show are musicians Tjupurru and Efiq Zulfiqar.

I was quite excited to meet Sean Kelly, because I was a bit of a fan of The Models back in the day. When Kate Ceberano was their back up singer and drummer Barton Price had an uber-mullet. Sean confessed to us on the set that he didn't remember much of what happened in the 80s with bands like INXS, but he is pretty sure there weren't quite so many topless women wandering around, as there seemed to be in the Never Tear Us Apart mini-series.

Nadia Salemme I have known for a very long time. Since she was but a wee teenager, working on the reception desk at Fox FM back when we were at the St Kilda Road complex in the dim dark noughties. She is now a senior journalist at News Corp, working mainly on their MX masthead, and we share a love for trashy entertainment news. (I say love, but it is still her job, it is just a hobby for me these days).

I had not met Urzila before, but I adore her! A very funny woman, and she was throwing some serious shade on Charlize Theron during tape breaks. Apparently Charlize claims to have gone to the same school as Urzila in South Africa, but Urzila doesn't remember her. Given that Charlize would have been modeling from when she was a teenager, she'd be pretty memorable, you'd think. Urzila posited a theory that Theron claimed to go to Urzila's school because it was the posh one, when in reality she may have attended a more modest school down the road... Check out Urzila during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Finally, The Don, Dave O'Neil. This episode cements his place as the most frequent guest on Spicks and Specks, in either incarnation. Dave is currently touring Australia (he's in Brisbane this week) and details can be found on his website and Facebook page.

This week we play a deranged game of Musician or Serial Killer and we get to hear Tjupurru and Efiq Zulfiqar performing some unique versions of songs in Look What They've Done to my Song, Ma.