Spicks and Specks Episode 1

Episode 1 of the new Spicks and Specks is a stupid amount of fun. Our guests are Meshel Laurie, Des Bishop, Jacqui Dark and Jay Watson from Tame Impala.

I have known Meshel since I first started doing standup. In fact, Meshel Laurie got me my first paid gig! I learned everything I know about MCing from watching and working with Meshel. You can hear her weekday mornings on Nova100 in Melbourne with Tommy Little. Meshel is stalwart of the original show, and wait until you see the gorgeous chemistry she has with Jay Watson.

Jay Watson (Tame Impala, Pond) is adorable, and you'll get to see his underpants. Isn't that what people want? To see 23yo rock stars in their underpants? Spicks and Specks will provide you with such delights.

Jacqui Dark is the kind of guest that I just adore on this show - she's an opera singer with a physics degree. That's right, she can explain Wagner's Ring Cycle and the Large Hadron Collider all at the same time. (You don't want to know how many feet of footage sit on the cutting room floor of me trying not to talk dirty about The Ring...)

Finally, Des Bishop is one of my favourite international comedians, and during the comedy festival this year he will be performing his new show Made in China - he spent a year living in China, learning Mandarin and eventually performed a whole show in Mandarin!

All of this and the delicious Hetty Kate and the Twenty 20's performing a special musical tribute!

PS Check out this remix I found of Spicks and Specks Ep 1!