Gaypocalypse 2014


Are there boatloads of gay zombies trying to enter Australia illegally? Will gay marriage be the end of civilization as we know it?

I will be answering none of these questions in my new standup comedy show GAYPOCALYPSE.

Sydney Comedy Festival 7:15pm May 13-17 at the Harold Park Hotel, 70A Ross Street, Glebe. Tickets on sale from Ticketek.

The #Gaypocalypse could be invading your city soon...




Please come to Perth soon....

Please come to Perth soon....

Hey Cassie! I am looking into

Hey Cassie!

I am looking into Perth and Brisbane in the second half of the year. I will post on this page if that becomes the case!



Please ? Could we have a little culture up here ???

I saw you for the first time ever on Spicks and Specks (I've been out of the country for 12 years and now been in 'Cairns' for two years so don't blame me).... You are hella funny and remind me of a good friend and  drag queen (sans drag), called 'Marsha Mellow, aka Artist Steven Tilotta. Please, come up to some warm weather (Cairns) and give me a reason to like this place !!! thanks, ...ian

Looking into it!

Hey Ian,I am looking into touring as extensively as possible over the next 12 months. I've been locked in a studio in Melbourne for so long, I forgot what the weather was like everywhere else. Will let you know when I'm in, around or near Cairns!Cheersad/.