Celebrity Splash


I will be plummeting toward water over the next few weeks as part of the cast for Channel 7's Celebrity Splash. I've only had two training sessions and I am already in severe agony. These old knees were not meant to be put through this kind of torture.

Having said that, I am having the best fun. It's always exciting learning something new, and this is one of the most thrilling things you could possibly do! Besides, when is it not fun going to the pool?

Celebrity Splash Promo



Hi Adam, To tell you the

Hi Adam,
To tell you the truthI didn't know who you were - you looked familiar but obviously my grasp of popular culture isn't quite as broad as I thought.
Anyway I saw you dive as I was channel surfing, waiting for my washer upper to finish the dishes so we could watch mad men ( gotta love Don, evil cheating bastard that he is)
and you were fabulous! It was brave and exhilarating and graceful too!
You are inspiring.
Now to catch up with your blog xxx

mad men

hey nelly, i adore mad men. great writing on that show! thank you so much for your kind words. i don't think you could get further from mad men than (alleged) celebrity splash!
your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated, sorry it's taken me so long to reply! (i have been underwater a lot, the internet doesn't work down there).

that is fun

hi there