Week 1: Thursday


Thursday Week 1

Got home yesterday and ate my leftover chickpea burgers with yoghurt and spinach, and then (finally) did my measuring up and fitness test. Didn’t buy a tape measure, so I was applying the cold steel measuring tape to my hairy abdomen. Thankfully, there are several inches of fat stopping me from feeling anything cold applied to my gut. 
I didn’t get to make dinner until 7:30pm, which is stupidly late for someone who goes to bed at 8. It was for this reason, on top of the desperate 8am hunger dip, that I have decided to reverse my meals. I am having dinner or lunch for breakfast, and saving the brekkies (including those spectacular ricotta and berry bruschettas) for dinner. So, for breakfast this morning? Beef Fajita! Rather than using the shop-bought mexican spice as suggested in the recipe, I made my own using chipotle, chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic flakes, onion powder, salt and pepper - that way I can control the level of heat - you can make a batch and jar it yourself, or just make it bespoke each time. I prefer hot with beef, but only mild with chicken, for instance, which is why I make it new each time.