Week 1: Friday


Friday Week 1

Well, yesterday was a disaster. I had to go to the Telstra shop to pick up my phone which was in for repair. This did not take the 15-20 minutes I had allotted. It took nearly 90. They wouldn’t let me leave before it synched with the gmail server. Tedious. Then when I did finally leave, the phone started exhibiting all the problems it had which made me take it in to begin with. So I had to go back. The staff at the Telstra shop, I should stress, were very helpful and informative, and they seemed just as frustrated with the repair centre as I was. They sent the phone off again, and I finally booted off for home via the supermarket. I was going to walk to the train station to get to a film screening booked in for 3pm, but the dilly dallying at the phone shop meant I had to drive. I also didn’t get to cook my lunch, so I had the bowl of cereal originally slated for breakfast.

I managed to avoid the popcorn, choc tops and hot sweet peanuts at the cinema. Soda water only. Very proud of myself. Then I got stuck in traffic for about a million years (hence why I wanted to catch the train in the first place!) and didn’t get home until nearly 8pm. Definitely too late to make the required dinner (kebabs - which were also meant to be today’s lunch) so I had a turkey wrap and an apricot and went to bed. As you may have surmised, I didn’t work out yesterday either. I had the workout slotted in for midday, which is when I was still at the phone shop. I could have done it at 8pm, but physical activity wakes me up. Now you’re going to tell me I could have skipped going to the movies. Nuh-uh. It’s work. You have to see a movie to do an interview with the star. It’s the rules. It’s my job. It was non-negotiable. I’m trying to see where the excuses are in this, but it was simply a case of me running out of time. 
I’m glad I managed to stick close to the nutrition plan, if not the activity plan this week. I’m taking today off, because I’m working Sunday and it won’t really be a day off. We have a work function today, and I am going to eat a juicy hamburger! I know Saturday is meant to be treat day, but I’m jumping off early! Mwoooohahahaha! (I caught the train to work today, I’m healthy and green!).
I'm not thinking of today as a setback. It's a day that was planned weeks ago, and I am going to do my stupid saturday session tomorrow as planned. No matter how heinous I feel. I'm taking today like the old Weight Watchers 49 extra points. Plus, if I was doing WW, I would have all my spare activity points to blow on it. I'm refusing to punish myself for deviating from the plan, because that is when I tend to throw in the towel. "Oh, look, I didn't do it yesterday, so I'm not going to do it today. There's no point. I'm too far behind. It's too hard. Blah blah blah."  I'm not falling into that. I refuse. A day off is just that, a day off. I don't give up going to work on Monday just because I don't work weekends, so why should this be any different?


Hi mate, I wanna enquire

Hi mate, I wanna enquire about booking you for a gig. How I do that? Hope all's well. Like yer site!

Any trainer worth their salt

Any trainer worth their salt will tell you that if you are short on time you are better off doing your food prep and ensuring you are sticking to your nutrition plan rather than trying to cram in a workout. You can't out train a bad diet so it is more important to get that right. Frankly the 12WBT calories are so low you'd still lose the weight with no additional exercise.

You've had a great first week, don't be discouraged.

thank you

Yeah, I have been having way more calories than Bridges says. I am eating fruit like there is no tomorrow.

What may help you is

What may help you is Lite&Easy meals. They do the 12wbt program too so all that thinking is taken care of for you and it will be there so you don't have to properly cook. Good luck sweetpea.


I did do Lite & Easy (just before I got into that last relationship, which was over five years ago). I found it really, well, easy, but it didn't teach me anything about good and bad kinds of food. I loved the convenience, but I think for training my brain, I need to really focus on the kinds of foods and portion sizes that I should be preparing for myself. I actually learned a lot from Weight Watchers to be honest. What to swap, what to avoid. I'm finding many of the 12wbt foods are similar to WW recipes.