Hurdle at the Starter's Pistol


Friday 16th November.

I accidentally ate Hungry Jacks.

It’s true. Totes accident.
Bridges has told us to come up with resolutions to all of our excuses, to keep us on track. My number one excuse is I DON’T HAVE TIME! to which I tell myself: Plan ahead. I am having some difficulty with the planning ahead. Which is how I accidentally pushed 60g of fat into my face. Total accident. I was at Sydney airport after the taping of a new ABC show, waiting for the last plane, and desperately hungry. I wandered around to the food court and the only shop that was open was the kerosene special. Hungry Jacks. Whopper is 41g fat, nearly 3000kJ, and the onion rings (I cannot abide those heinous fries) are 20g fat, nearly 1600kJ. All up, just under 100g carbs in about ten bites. While I was eating, I noticed that they do some kind of grilled chicken wrap thing, but when you’re in the queue for HJ’s, can you say no to the greasy crumb/batter rings and the leaky kero burger? Nup. Knowing it's bad doesn't stop me.
Anyway. I’ve been bad. It’s like an evil procrastination. Profatstination. I haven’t been to the shops to buy all my ingredients. I haven’t done my fitness test or my measuring, and I’m meant to be starting the program on Monday! I had an apple for breakfast because there’s no food in my house, and now I am desperately hungry again. This is obviously going to be my biggest hurdle - the CBF factor.


*accidentally* did you fall

*accidentally* did you fall over onto it or something?


it was a rather facetious use of the word accidentally, i admit