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Will there be a second series

Will there be a second series of Outland?

2nd Series of Outland

You'd have to ask the ABC about that. We'd love to do one, but I don't think they want it.


Hey Adam, I believe you had/have a dog called Spook. Did you get Spook from Pets Wonderland in Chapel St Praharan and is Spook an American Staffy/English Staffy cross? Could you let me know please? I think I may have Spook's brother and sister!!! Warm regards, Charles.


Hey Charles,

I got Snoops from the RSPCA in Burwood. He was 4yo when I rescued him in 2007 and he is a white Staffy possibly crossed with a Jack Russell or Corgi. (he has very stumpy legs).

He was Mister September in the RSPCA calendar one year!



You're funny, you're cute and I want you to have my baby.......or at least have a shitload of fun trying!!!
Hugs Bear


I don't know if I can actually gestate a 2nd baby. This one has been in here for about 36 months.