From The Sunday Age (Sun 9th Oct 2011)


1. Have you ever come face to face with a celebrity after you talked about them on air?
All the time. Once, Nicky Whelan — who had worn some horrific creation to the Logies — saw me the next morning and exclaimed; “I heard What you said about me on the radio," which was odd because said it to her face on the red carpet and it was the audio of that interview that had been on the radio. Maybe her vile frock was so loud, she couldn’t hear me over it.

2. You stayed with Wil Anderson in LA recently. What’s he like to live with?
He works so much, you hardly ever see him, like a special guest star in the sitcom of your life; like The Fonz in Happy Days. Also, there is applause every time he walks into a room. disconcerting.

3. In one year alone, you did 30 pilots for TV and radio. Which ones were the most memorable?
A TV talent show hosted by Dylan Lewis and Kyle Sandilands. l was a judge, along with Cornelia Frances and Kyle's nan. One of the acts was a 13-year-old boy with red hair singing Cabaret. I may have compared watching it to having salt and vinegar chips rubbed in my eyes.

4. What’s the most overrated thing about Melbourne and why?
Cafe culture, especially the alleged service. I don’t want disaffected Gen-Y disdain with my coffee, thank you. We, as a city, need to stop the self-flagellating elevation of establishments with abominable service to the top of the pile. Yes, the self-roasted coffee at St Ali in South Melbourne is delicious but I'd rather pay for coffee with cash; I don’t want my transaction to include eye-rolls, huffing and misconstrued orders from staff who have spent so much time deciding what to wear, they don’t have any time left for “please” or “thank you".

5. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
I had my embarrassment gland surgically removed. How else would I be able to say yes to appearing on Celebrity Dog School, Hole in the Wall and The Footy Show?

6. Tell us about your live comedy show with Justin Hamilton.
It’s called The Shelf, on Mondays in October at The Toff, and it's the comedy show you won't see on TV. Nowadays, comedians are faux journos and celebrity chefs; at The She/f, comedians are just comedians but it's more than stand—up. Juzzy and I will be there every week, with guests including Peter Helliar, Denise Scott and Tom Gleeson. Details

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