Totesalutely Babs

I've become a director. Just like Barbra Streisand, except I'm not directing myself...

Xavier Toby is a young comedian who's written a fantastic show called Binge Thinking and he asked me if I'd direct it. It's a stand-up comedy show, and while I am not entirely confident I could direct a musical, a movie or an episode of True Blood, I know stand-up comedy and I can direct that like nobody's business. Directing stand-up is as much a process of dramaturgy and mentoring as it is directing.

I'm really proud of the work I've done with Xavier. I cherish any opportunity to collaborate with furiously intelligent and funny people, and working with Xav has been a very enriching and exciting experience. His writing is thought-provoking, at times confronting, and at times silly, blokey nonsense. I hope my contribution has helped him make that next step on the road to becoming one of Australia's great comedy talents.

He's performing as a part of the Melbourne Fringe at the Portland Hotel until October 9. Pop along and tell me what you think!

Xavier Toby
Binge Thinking
6pm Thu-Sun Sep 22-Oct 9
Portland Hotel, Russel Street (Corner Lt Collins), Melbourne

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