Be on TV!

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Fabulous new TV Show Needs Fabulous Volunteers

Princess Pictures needs a volunteer crowd of fabulous people for the TV series Outland.

The volunteers will appear in crowd scenes of a Gay Pride event.

Outland is a new comedy series for broadcast on the ABC in 2011 and already being called, “The best gay and lesbian science fiction fan club themed comedy series ever".

DATE: Friday 26 November 2010

PLACE: Catani Gardens between Beaconsfield Parade and Fitzroy Street, St Kilda tram 96 or 16

TIME: From 8 am (it's an all day shoot and filming starts early)

DRESS: Fabulous!

But please NO science fiction costumes or the colour PURPLE (unless it's part of the rainbow).

You don't need to dress up (or be gay) to come along, but you can be as awesome as you want.

BRING: Flags, banners and colourful stuff.

As filming TV isn’t always as fun as watching TV, there will be some slow times when the fabulous crowd isn’t needed. So picnics, games and friends will make the non-filming times fun. You'll also be able to do some star spotting and see how a TV show is made.

Outland is based on the only short film to play the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and the World Science Fiction Convention. It stars Christine Anu, Ben Gerrard , Paul Ireland, Adam Richard, Toby Truslove; is written by John Richards (Boxcutters) and Adam Richard, directed by Kevin Carlin (Newstopia, BoyTown, The Extra) and produced by Princess Pictures (Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes, John Safran's Race Relations, I Love You Too).

For further information or to register, email