Well Chickens, I can finally talk in more detail about why I've been such a busy beaver of late; I've been working on a tv series for ABC1 called Outland. (This is in addition to presenting gossip on Fox, SA.FM and 92.9, filming eps for the online comedy soap opera Queer as Fxxk, and recording the highly inappropriate Poofcast with my fave homos from Talking Poofy

I co-created and co-wrote the show with John Richards from The Boxcutters podcast, and will be part of the ensemble cast along with Toby Truslove, Ben Gerard, Paul Ireland and Christine Anu. Princess Pictures are producing for the ABC, with the sublime Kevin Carlin directing (he directed the first ever tv show I did for The Comedy Channel).

We started filming this week, and I know it is going to be a fun show, if not a touch controversial judging by the already hateful comments over at the TV Tonight blog. (I do love how hate comes so easily to fat nerds who spend all day on the internet looking for things to complain about).