Treading the Boards Again

Tonight and Tomorrow I am performing at the Comic's Lounge with two of my favourite comedians. Corinne Grant (who just happens to be my bestie, and has a book coming out, that features lots of me) and Nick Cody.

Last time we did a show together was at The Softbelly in the city, and it was a corker of a gig (also featured Felicity Ward, Bart Freebairn and Tommy Dassalo), so this one should be equally hilarious. If you're in Melbourne, come on down to 26 Errol Street, North Melbourne and see three people having fun on stage. There's food! We also won't be talking about the footy all that much, if you're sick of that. (I may make mention of my favourite past-time while watching the footy, but that's about it).

Standup comedy is fun, you should come see some.


Corrine's book

I just finished reading Corinne's book. (Saw her plugging it on GNW)
I must say, you were fabulous in it!! :-) You are such a good friend to her.

Fantastic book, scary that I saw a little too much of myself in it, but Corinne's journey is wonderful. I'll be taking her advice, as soon as I find my camera. :-)

bless you

if corinne wasn't so much fun, there is no way i'd put up with all that malarkey!