I hate the empty feeling of knowing your favourite show isn't on anymore. Not that Masterchef was my favourite show, but I will feel hollow without it. Doctor Who is my favourite show, and Materchef has been something of a placebo, keeping me from noticing the loss of my favourite show. Facing the months ahead without a new episode of Doctor Who is depressing in the most painful way. I may be overstating things a little, but I have loved Doctor Who since as long as I can remember. In fact, I think I looked to Tom Baker for guidance on how to behave more than my own father. (Which may explain why I am so relentlessly immature...)

Why do I get so attached to television shows? Did I form too much of a bond with the box as an infant? I learned to read watching Sesame Street (I started my first day of prep reading a book to all the illiterate five-year-olds). When I discovered the Doctor Who books, I decided I wanted to become a writer, so I could take myself out into the worlds so evocatively described by Terrance Dicks and his cohorts. Books based on TV shows.