The Faeces Book

Okay, so all my friends are on the Face Book, and they keep insisting that I join up. I joined up in 2007, back when I was also on MySpace. I used MySpace to add everyone in the world who wanted to be added, and Facebook was just for my friends. Then I added Scott Brennan, who we know from Talking Poofy, is very generous with his affections. He adds anyone and everyone (and I believe he has picked up a number of casual roots from the Facebook).  Soon, I was spending most of my time hitting the ignore button or the accept button, and the time I spent evaluating whether or not I wanted said people to be on my list of friends started to drive me crazy. So I deleted Facebook.

Well, I thought I did. I tried to sign up again the other day, and there it was, without a speck of digital dust on it, exactly as it was back when I signed on. There were messages pending from a couple of people who are no longer with us, and it was quite a sad moment as I went through and totally purged my Facebook account.

Instead, I now have a Facebook fan page, so people can sign up and talk on my wall and join in my discussions and look at my photos and do all the things you can do on Facebook, but I don't have to spend half a day pressing confirm or ignore. Everyone is welcome! It adds you automatically!

Hope this satisfies all of you who have been clamouring for me to be on Facebook. I wonder if I can set to post directly to it and vice versa? Will have to find out...


You can!

I use the Networked Blogs app on facebook to post my blog feed straight to my page. I barely look at the thing now, fabulous :D (Although the people who "like" me may not think I'm very fabulous if they're trying to leave me messages on it! Oops.)