Talking Poofy Week 3

Another shambolic weekend of Talking Poofy has flown by, but not without injury. Those in the audience on Saturday found out exactly how the Friday night show led to Scott Brennan leaving several centimetres of his face on a pole. I'd try to explain it here, but I'm not sure I fully understand it. It involved Scott playing "a game" in "the dark" and bumping into "a pole." Talking Poofy is swiftly becoming a show about what happened to Scott after the last show.

We had our first twink-denier on Friday night - a twink who refused to accept his title, and even more horrifying, who spurned the lusty advances of Scott Brennan; as Toby pointed out he can hunt down a twink like a pig sniffing for truffles. Fortunately, we had double twink action on Saturday, although they at first claimed to be straight! Hilarious! The way they said "I'm straight!" was not unlike about a hundred gay porn movies, where their accents clearly gave them away as hinge-wristed homos.

There were maybe one-too-many anecdotes about part-time Talking Poofy member Wes Snelling. They won't see print here, but if you come to the show...

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