Talking Poofy Week 2

Talking Poofy

The second week of Talking Poofy was just as shambolic as the first, but due to technical problems, all of the shows in the Cloak Room (Melbourne Town Hall) ran 10-15 minutes late, which meant that Friday's show ended up being a 5 litre show, rather than the usual 3 or 4...

Saturday night, when we realised it was going to be another late one, we put the brakes on a little. If you see us in the Peter Cook bar before the performance and wonder why we are saying things like "It's your turn to get the show," "Look after the show while I go to the toilet" or "Can you pass me the show?" we should clarify that we refer to our bottle of champagne as 'the show;' the booze does far more work than any of us.

We had a special guest appearance by my favourite member of Gen-Y, Zaak, who was lurking about in the back beat. (That's right, Talking Poofy is the only show in the comedy festival that features not only a beat on stage, but a beat behind the bleachers). Zaak, who appears in Ross Daniels is The Transposed Man at the Trades Hall, came out of the closet live on stage. It was a special moment, although the collective gasp from the audience was not at his coming out, but his revelation of where his accent comes from. I won't repeat it here because, sometimes, what happens at Talking Poofy, stays at Talking Poofy.

There was much discussion of our various trips to Adelaide, and the horrors that have befallen us (someone admitted to losing control of their bladder onstage in Adelaide, a la Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas). It was a nostalgic night, because Talking Poofy was born in Adelaide, when we were all flown over to support Sue-Anne Post at the Feast Festival one year, and Justin Hamilton, who was still living there at the time, took us out on the town, and eventually to the Mars Bar, Adelaide's premier gay nightspot. (Alright, it's the only gay nightspot). There was also an incident with Mickey D at some improvised nightclub out the back of the Hilton, but the less said about that the better...

If you haven't caught the late night shenanigans yet, better get a move on, the tickets are becoming as rare as a single lesbian (although we did have one of those in the audience this week!)

Talking Poofy - Scott Brennan, Adam Richard & Toby Sullivan

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