Talking Poofy

Talking Poofy

The first weekend of Talking Poofy went off with several hitches. Most of them based around misguided ideas we had during our alleged technical rehearsal.

Susan Boyle singing Lady Gaga, the abominable and ill-advised finale to the Friday show, made a reappearance on Saturday night in spite of all promises to the contrary.

Our on-stage beat was very popular, and all sorts of strange and interesting people appeared in there. On Saturday, Scott found a very prominent politician lurking in there, no doubt feeling extremely "threatened" by the men he was coming in contact with. (Toby would be ringing his bell right now).

The Talking Poofy rainbow flag merchandise that reared its ugly head on Friday never re-appeared, which is sad, because the delirium that precipitated its existence was one of the more enjoyable parts of the show. There are six shows to go and we may get desperate, so it may return soon.

Our twink-hunt found some amazing specimens, and we have created Gaydar profiles for two straight men.

After Friday's show, the three of us partied on at The Peel, where Scott managed to buck the stereotype of gay men being shallow and promiscuous, by going home with a man wearing an identical t-shirt. When I asked Toby what on earth Scott was doing, Toby stated: "he's writing the first twenty minutes of tomorrow's show." Indeed, on Saturday much mockery was made of bad boy Brennan and his new 'friend,' who just happened to be in the audience. Whoopsie!

If you missed the insanity, it continues apace this weekend. Tickets on sale now.

Talking Poofy - Scott Brennan, Adam Richard & Toby Sullivan

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