The Final Days of FebFast

Final Days of FebFast

Hello Chickens, nothing much to report regarding the end of FebFast. I petered off blogging about it, because I found that sitting and dwelling on not having any alcohol was the only thing making me want to drink it! The rest of the month sailed by without difficulty. Even on Friday, after filling in for Matt Tilley for two days and going back to the heinous 3:30am wakeup that was my life for five years, I didn't feel the pull of the pint. In fact, here I am, on my first alcohol-allowed day, and I don't really want to drink. There was a point on Saturday, when I'd been scrubbing the bathtub, cleaning windows, vacuuming up three dogs worth of hair from the carpet, and making the beds that I thought "ooh, a beer would be nice after all this," and then, almost as soon as it appeared, that thought went away.

I might see if I can make it through to Saturday, when I am going to a theatre opening with my old friend Donna (the one who I go walking with). I may, however, crumble on Friday. I am taking my Nan to the Melbourne Hospital, where they make you wait for about three hours for an appointment booked three months in advance. After three hours in the Melbourne Hospital Clinic, I may require a whole bottle of tequila, three lemons and a kilo of salt.

Waistline at Feb 1: 134cm

Waistline Today: 129cm

Well, 5cm is certainly an inspiration to quit the booze!

My next effort will be to get a 3km walk done in under 30 minutes (at the moment it takes about 40min).


Well Done!

Congrats on the FebFast! I did it too and I lost 5 kilos in a month. Makes me want to give it up for good but being a school teacher a wine down time is essential!