FebFast Days 16-20


Days 12-14 of FebFast

The FebFast is going well. I've had a couple of cravings for cold beers on these hot sweaty days, but nothing too outrageous. Have been continuing my strolls around various parts of Melbourne with Donna. Have also made a couple more trips to the dog park with Snoops. For me, the dog park is way more intensive than just wandering around the streets with Snoops. Running around, over and beside the agility equipment leaves both the pooch and myself fairly puffed.

Have spent a lot of time with my Nan this week, which is a complete contrast to all the activity, because she's got one of those walker things, and she goes very very slowly. She also has a room full of biscuits!

Weekend, so far, has been uneventful. I miss the Saturday night Glasshouse gig. I'd gotten quite into the routine of doing it, and was very much enjoying the weekly dose of live performance. Seeing all my friends posting messages from Adelaide has made me want to go there and perform again as well. (I did do a number of gigs completely off my trolley, however. The FebFast could not compete with the late shows at the Rhino Room). I really do miss that vagabond existence, living on couches, fold-out beds and frightening hotel rooms all over the country, and gigging three or four nights a week.

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