FebFast Day 15


Day 15 of FebFast.

The drunken-remorse-clothes-buying incident has given me another challenge for the month of Feb (and beyond, this time) - becoming active again. I used to walk everywhere before I got Mavis, the big blue wheelchair disguised as an old Corolla.

Given that the weather is so delightful, I have been meeting up with one of my oldest friends, and we've been walking in the park. Well, parks. Lots of parks. I have also been investigating places I can walk the dog off-leash.

They have only just designated an area for dogs to be unleashed in my municipality - that's one area for dogs off-leash in a municipality of nearly 500sq km with a population of more than 125,000 people. One tiny strip of fenced in green. There is, however, a permanent agility course in the meagre dog park, so you can exhaust your pooch before you wander back to the gate to let it out.

I've been making my wanderings through the park technological!

You can see where Donna, Snoops and I have been wandering at RunKeeper. It's an iPhone app, but don't let the 'run' part of it fool you, there is no way 135kg of homo is running anywhere on these skinny little ankles.

Right. Alcohol intake reduced. Physical activity increased. Maybe in March I'll start a food diary! As if... (Who wants to see 13 pages of "sneaky dim sim" and "not hot cross buns")

Waistline 131cm



"Waistline 131cm"

It's shrinking, Adam! Good shrinkage.... *thumbsup*

it's shrinking

don't tell it! it will swell up with pride!