FebFast Days 12 - 14


Days 12-14 of FebFast

Okay, Mamma jumped headfirst off the wagon on Saturday night. Thankfully, the FebFast does provide the facility to buy a pass, if you have a special event such as a wedding, anniversary or a gig with Scott Brennan and Wes Snelling...

Toby Sullivan was horribly injured in some sort of fisting incident*, and so we roped in Wes Snelling to co-host LOL Big Gay Comedy Night at the Glasshouse on Saturday. Scott Brennan had been on at me to take a day off my FebFast to enjoy some beverages while we stumbled through the gig, and I agreed it was probably best we were all as drunk as one another.

Yesterday, I went shopping for pants at the Red Circle Boutique because nothing can spur you on to weight loss like trying on clothes while in the midst of drunken remorse. While Target's Mister Big range reaches up into sizes I've yet to grow into, the large number X's in the sizes that fit me, has made me determined to go back down to a triple or even double extra large.

Friday and last night were, as the rest of February, dry. I did notice that as soon as I started drinking, my nose started running and soon became blocked. I think I may have some kind of allergy with regards to alcohol!

Let's see if I can sail through the rest of this month without taking another day off!