FebFast Day Ten


Day Ten of FebFast

Normally, when I get peed off about something, like I did yesterday with my #optusfail fury, I blame the escalating mania on that third or fourth beer. However, with FebFast, I know I'm stone cold sober - which brings me to the horrifying revelation that I am a lunatic!

I ended up in a frenzy of hate, fuelled by the rank and ineffectual incompetence of the Optus staff (see #optusfail post for full details). This kind of behaviour I normally write off as drunken foolishness, and spend a morning swimming in regret, but I have no excuse now! Do I fall into drunken behaviour because I am so used to it, or do I just have a propensity toward derangement? Let's see how the rest of this month goes...

Waistline 133cm