FebFast Day Nine


Day Nine of FebFast

Grumpiness abounded last night, but I think that was more to do with having scrubbed the house from top to bottom, then slaved over dinner for about two hours making little balls of risotto, and the closest I got to a compliment or comment was "there's too much mayonnaise." (I serve my mozzarella-centred, crumbed and fried risotto balls with a pesto mayo - never mind I made the pesto from scratch!)

Anyway, got to sleep fine, and no nasty dreams!

I have a trip to the dentist this morning for part eleven of a root canal. Why do they drag these things out? Rip it off like a bandaid, I say!

Scott Brennan has been haranguing me to buy a timeout for Saturday, so that Talking Poofy can perform in their usual state: inebriated. I'm contemplating it, but I am so enjoying the discipline of not drinking. I'll see how I feel Friday.

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