FebFast Day Eight


Day Eight of FebFast

Dreams again. Not delicious pie dreams, these were full-on nightmares.

Last night was fairly easy for me, in the drinklessness, although I had boyf in the house and my best mate on the phone telling me how much they wanted a beer. While I sympathised, I didn't have the same cravings. I got quite a bit of work done, had some afternoon downtime, before ramping up for my evening work at about 4pm. (I try to stop work before 7pm or I go to sleep thinking of jokes, it's not as fun as it sounds).

Was woken at about 3:30am by a dream that was not technically terrifying, but it hooked into some very deep seated trauma I experienced when I was very very young (primary school young). I tried to get back to sleep, thwarted by the dog shaking his head; he has an ear infection. After I took off his rattling collar, I nodded off again, only to be woken sharply by the sound of a child crying. That child was me, deep down in my subconscious.

That stopped me wanting to go to sleep, and I've been sitting at the computer, making decisions about what to do at work today, since 4am. I hope this is just a little hiccup, and that it's not some indicator that alcohol has been masking difficult psychological issues for the last 30+ years. Hopefully it's just the heat.

By the way, waking up early is a diet disaster. I have supplemented my regular breakfast of coffee and 3 Weet-bix with an extra coffee and two raw hot cross buns. Luckily I only have one sugar in my coffee these days...

Waistline 132cm