FebFast Day Six


Day Six of FebFast

The gig last night was fun. Not just for me, but the audience sounded like they were enjoying themselves as well (how could they not - Toby Sullivan, Hannah Gadsby, Anthony Menchetti and Wes Snelling as Tina del Twiste - it's a spectacular lineup).

I was a little grumpy in the afternoon, which I thought may have been due to not drinking, not having had enough sleep, or just the thought of going to work again on a Saturday night after working five straight days. You know, it doesn't matter how enjoyable your job is, and mine is certainly fun, but there is always a part of you that resists the obligation to be somewhere other than home.

The gig was, as I said, fun, and the chance to catch up with Toby, Wes and the rest was well worth the trip to Collingwood. There was a moment in the show, while I was hosting, when the grump started prickling at the back of my neck, due to technical difficulties and poor decisions, but I managed not to let too much of it show on stage...

I hung around for a gasbag afterward, until we were booted out for not wanting to pay $25 for a dance party that was about to begin at the venue.

I never really felt like I was engaged in the social part of the evening, but I am going to chalk that up to tiredness -- after my late Thursday, early and long Friday, I was a little burned out.

Next week will be a test; Talking Poofy (Scott Brennan, Toby Sullivan and myself) will be hosting LOL - perhaps it will be time to purchase a day off!

Anyway, going to get back to spending a lazy Sunday on the couch. Possibly watching Smalliville and folding washing.

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