FebFast Day Five


Day Five of FebFast

After a huge day of meetings, workshops and other nonsense, I got home at 3pm and crashed out. Woke up in time for pizza but most of last night is a blur. Not even sure what I watched on tv! So, my normal beery cravings were obliterated with tiredness.

So far, the boozelessness has been a breeze. Tonight I have a gig, the LOL Big Gay Comedy Night, with my dining and theatre companion of Thursday, Wes Snelling, as Tina del Twiste. (Hannah Gadsby and Anthony Menchetti are also on the bill). I have done a number of gigs without grog since getting my license, and they are not always easy. Sometimes I think I do standup for the alcohol not for the fun of it, or the money. If the gig goes badly, I drink to wash it away, if the gig is a corker, I drink to take the edge off the dizzying high of adrenaline. Since getting my license, I make sure I put some beer in the fridge for when I get home (or I leave my car at the gig and get blotto with my comedy mates).

Should be interesting to see how I go without the option!

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