FebFast Day Four

Day Four of FebFast

Spent much of yesterday in the hospital, looking after a friend who had a suspected broken wrist. Fortunately it was only tendon trouble, but it did take a whole day of being investigated by nurses, doctors and radiologists to find that out.

Then, last night, I attended the new MTC production of Hannie Rayson's The Swimming Club starring a sublime ensemble cast including John Waters, Tina Bursill and the divine Caroline Gilmer (Underbelly's Judy Moran). I had dinner prior to the show at the MTC Theatre's restaurant, Script, and while my dining companion, cabaret star Wes Snelling, drank champagne, I chugged down sparkling water. Then at the after party, I had one fizzy water, and drove home.

It was nearly midnight when I got home, so I was glad this morning that I woke up tired, not tired and hungover. I did sleep in, however, losing my window for driving to Kinglake and joining the Matt and Jo show live at the Harvest Cafe.

Big challenge ahead tonight - It's normally pizza, beer and Wipeout on Friday night, so I will be getting itchy around 6pm.

Waistline: 134cm