FebFast Day Two


Day Two of FebFast

After eating a Leftover Lamb Souvlaki (recipe below) I have a greasy garlicky, lamby taste in my mouth, and would love nothing more than to wash it down with a cold, fizzy Melbourne Bitter. There is none in the house, but I am sober enough to drive to the bottle shop! Oh the irony!

That is a brief tang of longing, however, and I don't feel too odd. It is only day two, however. Last night, I had a touch of insomnia - ended up watching Ghost Whisperer in bed on my iPhone while boyf happily snored himself stupid. (Then this morning I stood on my expensive headphones. Damn you Jennifer Love Hewitt and your ridiculous psychic bosom!)

Waistline: 134cm

Leftover Lamb Souvlaki

Greek Yoghurt
Iceberg Lettuce
Red Onion
Roma Tomato
Souvlaki or Pita Bread
Leftover Roast Lamb

Crush garlic and add to yoghurt in small bowl (about 2tbsp yoghurt with 1 clove garlic)
Shred lettuce, slice tomato and onion.
Hack lamb into thick, rough chunks, fry in hot frypan (add oil spray if your lamb is very young and particularly lean).
Toast pita bread in sandwich toaster, griller or separate frypan.
Line pita with reheated lamb, yoghurt sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Roll and serve (stick with a toothpick if you want to serve with salad)

I've also thrown on lebanese cucumber, fetta and pitted kalamata olives.

Also delicious if all the disparate ingredients are in piles on the plate with triangles of pita, and you can create little stacks or sandwiches as you see fit.